Five Top Ways to Make Money Online

With just an internet connection it is possible for anyone to make substantial amount of money every day from the comfort of your own home. With the rapid technological advancement one can join thousands of other people in the business of making money online. By starting an internet business one can work part-time or full-time to achieve and create a thriving online business. Below are five sure ways of expanding your income while you are in the office or at home.

By providing online marketing services
This business will always offer good returns for a good internet marketer. This can be achieved through writing of web optimized articles, press releases, e-zine article writing, link exchange, keyword research and article writing. Or you may provide services like mailing lists, pop up and banner adverting for online companies and new upcoming marketing websites. All one has to do is to specialize in these areas and start earning money.

Website hosting for online business owners
Online web companies are slowly gaining ground on a daily basis. By providing services like web design, web site hosting, content writing and domain name registration, one stands a chance to make hundred of dollars every day. For a company to create a new website these requirements is a must.

One can also start an internet business to make money online
As more and more people from all walks of life get connected to the internet everyday, an online business would always hold a promise for good returns no matter where you are located. All you get to do is post your products online and let people make orders from the web site. After you get the orders all you have to do is to deliver the goods to their physical location. This will always save your rent money which can be used to expand your stock. You can create any type of business here ranging from an online shoe store, flower shop, candy store, shopping mall, and service provision store.

Online auction
This is another sure way that will give you good returns for your money. Online auction is where you just post the products and services you have to sell with a fixed price and off you go. You may even make your very first sale in just a couple of second. All one has to do is post or sell a good product that is in good condition at a reasonable price. Else you may even end up losing money due to listing fees, in the event that the product could be bought elsewhere at a cheaper price.

Business expansion
If you have a small business you can expand your business by building up a website. In this website you will list all the products your business has on sale. Customers can also contact you in the event they have questions to ask you and about the products you sell in your small business. A good example of an offline business taking advantage of this strategy is the tour business. You can further advertise your website in print and electronic media to bring more people to your web site.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs, Can You Really Make Money Online?

Can You Really Make Money Online?

This is the question of the day! Is it really possible to find legitimate work online, and make money doing it? How can you tell if it’s a scam or not? So many things sound too easy and too good to be true. How does someone like me, with no real knowledge of how all this computer stuff really works, dive in and find real work that you can do from home, with the goal of being able to bring in a substantial income? Does any of this hit home with you?

Hopefully, if you’ve been wondering the same thing, I can provide you with some information that will help. I’ve been searching and experimenting for a while. My real frustration in my searching was that I just wanted someone, some site to just be 100% up front in what to do and how to do it, what the “work” involves and how much you’d get paid. I don’t want to click here, and go there, and the next thing you know you’re in a maze of flashing webpages making ridiculous offers, and each one is THE BEST offer or scheme out there, limited time only, for you only, today only. Most of all I seriously hate the pages you click on, then when you try to exit 3 or 4 more annoying pop-up pages keep asking you if you’re sure you want to leave. YES I want to leave, that’s why I clicked the big red X. Can you feel me here?

While searching I decided to Google legitimate jobs, and work at home scams. If you’ve done this as well, unfortunately you may find yourself watching a YouTube video of someone addressing a scam, that at the end of the video is selling you the very product you were researching. Clever, clever sales tactic, but again, very annoying when you just want a simple straight answer. What is real out there, and what types of internet marketing schemes, or data entry jobs are legitimate, and can provide you with a decent, or even decadent source of income?

Well, don’t lose heart my friends, the answer is yes, there are real jobs online to be found, and I’ll offer you some of the knowledge I’ve gained to this point, and the benefit of my scam research! There is actually a large variety of real jobs to choose from, I’ll explain some of the choices and options available to you if you’ve been thinking about working from home.

Now is there one that will make you get rich quick? That’s not likely, despite what a lot of the sites try to sell you. It’s not impossible, just improbable. Most of the people that profess to have made a bizillion dollars in a week, have probably put a lot of money into advertising and websites up front. If you’re like me, you don’t have a ton of money to invest, that’s why we’re looking for work online!! There are online data entry companies that are legitimate, and if you are patient, and follow their business model EXACTLY, it is very possible to make $300 or more a day, and build a long lasting residual income with low maintenance. It will take a couple of months to really see any progress, depending on the time you have to invest, but it is possible.

There are several legitimate online data entry companies that partner with Fortune 500 companies and 1000′s of smaller businesses through which you can do traditional data entry jobs from home. If you’ve never had any experience doing these types of word processing, most of the companies that you would work through provide you with the training to do the job. These types of data entry jobs most often pay you on an hourly scale, much like if you were working for them in an office setting. Legitimate online companies are the real deal, provide literally thousands of job opportunities, all the training, and support teams to help you with any questions. The best comparison would be that working through one of these companies is similar to being employed through a Temp agency.

Many people make money online by writing and advertising through posting articles, submitting websites and ads to the internet, or selling services or their products as an affiliate marketer. Most companies, small to fortune 500 will pay you a commission for products or services that are sold through your ads or posts on the internet. This is basically what an affiliate does. Some companies pay you just for someone clicking on the ad, even if they don’t make a purchase. The key to being successful in this type of online income is in traffic and having your sites or blogs seen. This is an eventual process, one needs to make a blog or post daily, and everyday do something to promote your place on the web to get your postings ranked higher in the search engines. It’s not realistic to think that thousands of people will just happen to visit your site the day after you create it, and even more unrealistic to think that even half of them might buy what you’re pushing!

Now don’t be scared if any of this language sounds foreign to you. A reputable online business will teach you step by step every skill and avenue that you would need to be successful. You can make money from home by doing “Home Typing”, but it is a gradual thing that requires a little organization and patience. The best thing is that if you decide to use the services of a good online data entry portal, they teach you how to do everything on the internet by using FREE sites. There are ways to create and advertise on the internet without having to invest a ton of money.

Another avenue that many people pursue to make money online is network marketing, or Multi Level marketing. This type of work involves recruiting other people into your business and sales, either of certain products or sales of the business itself, which would involve a lot of advertising and follow up. If you’re a go-getter and into sales, and have money to spend on marketing, there are actually a couple of legitimate network marketers to explore, and there is big money to be made, but it does require effort. This kind of business has made millionaires, but it is a numbers game in a competitive market and it is necessary to recruit constantly, and have good follow up skills as well to keep new members under you involved and productive.

If you’re searching the web, and you run across an offer that sounds too good to be true, I urge you to proceed with caution! Read all the fine print and terms and conditions. Many times a site will claim that it’s free to get started, or that all you have to do is fill out surveys, etc. What they won’t tell you is that in order to get paid that you may be required to complete 10 trial offers from the survey companies, and in a month’s time you’ll suddenly have monthly service charges or charges for products and subscriptions showing up on your credit card. Protect yourself, be careful in your searches, read, read, read all the fine print and terms, and good luck to you if you’re out there searching for alternative income.

The Internet is a huge new world, and people are coming up with new avenues of making money online every day. My advice would be that if you find something you’re interested in, don’t join right off the bat, even if their ad says “You’ll never see this offer again”! This is just a marketing ploy playing on our response to urgency, the hurry before it’s too late offer that makes us want to buy now. Give yourself time to do a thorough search on Google or YouTube regarding any offers you’re interested in. You will undoubtably have to wade through a lot of sales pitches, but some people and sites out there give you honest reviews of all the details regarding online businesses.

The bottom line is, can you make money online? Yes, it’s a huge world out there, and people are doing it every day, from traditional jobs to outrageous marketing schemes, there’s something out there for everybody!

When Business Models Fail Us

As a franchisor, I truly believe that a strong business model is paramount, and yet, I’ve always been concerned with business models which don’t deliver on their promise and treat their customers as money sources to exploit to the maximum possible. It’s just wrong, and such short-term thinking deserves its just reward, and when “what goes around, comes around,” and it will, that’s when I say; “it’s poetic justice!” Okay so, let’s start this dialogue with some examples shall we, because, I’d like to discuss my observations over the years if I may.

Before retirement, I was in the car washing business and I can recall the industry Association, the trade publications, and even some of the top players in the industry had recommended that all the carwashes in the country concentrate on making the maximum number of dollars per vehicle which came in. They advocated trickery in sales tactics, pushy up-selling, and all sorts of other techniques to raise the amount of money made per car or per customer. This always bothered me, and I always went for a low cost, high-volume strategy, giving the customer what they wanted and counted on the repeat business.

Over the years, it turns out that I was correct, and the industry was wrong. It was especially evident as we went into a recession year, and this was back in the early 90s. But it wasn’t just the car washing sector, I saw the same thing in the oil change business model. Major chains of oil change, and quick lube facilities had also advocated major up-selling, rewarding their salesmen when a lady came in for a standard oil change with a coupon that she received in the mail and then selling her a radiator flush, a transmission fluid flush, and all sorts of other very expensive things, continually telling her that if she didn’t change these things it would cost her more in very expensive repairs later.

What ended up happening is someone that came in for an oil change for $15.99 with a coupon, left the oil change facility having their credit card dinged for $275 in so-called “routine maintenance services” that were not needed, they were not required as per the owner’s manual. I would submit to you were nothing more than highway robbery. And I shouldn’t pick on the auto services industry, because there are far too many other sectors which do this as well. I’ve read all sorts of nasty condemnations of the auto service industry in various consumer’s magazines, and quite frankly much of it was deserved due to the bad apples.

Still, perhaps we need a discussion of what happens when our business models fail us. Short-term thinking in business is not a smart move, it’s not wise for a franchising organization, and it’s also not wise for a small business in a small town, or one that does business with the community. Yes, they may make more money than a similar type business in the area, but the reality is there ripping off their customers, and exploiting them to the fullest extent.

In doing so they are taking advantage of their customers, so therefore when their customers figure that out, they should not be surprised when folks stop coming back, or referring their friends to do business there. Okay so, I would submit to you that this doesn’t just happen in the real world, it also happens online. And let me tell you one of the online business models which completely troubles me, it’s one that I’ve been observing over the past few years, and you will probably know it as; Affiliate Marketing.

I just can’t believe how much borderline fraud, misrepresentative advertising and marketing, and failure to deliver on the promise to the consumer that goes on these days. And mind you, it’s not that the concept of affiliate marketing isn’t a good idea, the business model makes sense, for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, the people who are partaking in signing up as affiliate marketers are not doing justice to the business model. Worse, it seems like those who are pushing the borderline of ethics, are the same ones who are imitated first by others, new participants signing up, and attempting to do the same thing, sell the same product, or induce the next “sucker born every minute,” to buy something from them.

If you have a business model, and the majority in that industry sector are abusing the privilege, and either ripping off their customers, or violating the integrity needed to do that business ethically, then indeed the entire industry or sector gets into problems with the regulators. It also develops a terrible reputation with consumers, clients, and customers. When that happens, it really isn’t fair for all the good people, that is to say those people who truly mean well, who are making an honest living, and who were not fraudulently or attempting to induce buyers to give them money for products or services which are under delivering on the promise.

You see, there are a lot of good business models out there. If you are a young person in elementary school and you put up a lemonade stand, and you run at of lemons, but you still need yellow fluid to sell, so you start peeing in a cup and selling it to your customers, your will you leave a bad taste in their mouths. Each consumer who tastes such piss-poorly made lemonade will probably never stop at a lemonade stand for the rest of their lives. Think about it. And it’s not that the lemonade stand isn’t a bad business model, a lemonade stand can make a lot of money, especially for young people who aren’t expecting to make very much to begin with.

Still, it’s amazing how a few rotten individuals can ruin it for everyone. And I’m sorry if you didn’t like my example of a lemonade stand, because I speak of the unspeakable. However, I’m just not sure how to get the message across to some of these online Internet marketers. Other industries have learned in the past that you can’t burn your customers forever and still remain in business.

Yet more and more individuals every day sign up to do some sort of Internet marketing, and rather than doing it right, and doing it ethically, they just imitate all those bad apples out there. It’s enough to piss someone off. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.